You are working on Apollo 11 mission,

> in 1 year pocket calculator, in 3 years version control, in 10 years UNIX, Bash, SQL, Excel, in 20 years Python

... you do computations by hand, you keep hand written records and charts, you code highly resilient asynchronous systems in assembly without version control

> in 3 years knowledge base, in 20 years website and arXiv, in 30 years Wikipedia, in 40 years StackOverflow

... to get the information you need, you read the printed manuscripts or find someone who read them before you

> in 4 years mobile phone, Ethernet, email, in 20 years IRC, in 40 years Slack

... you share data in printouts by fax, you do all meetings in person or by landline

It worked. We put three man on the Moon and get them back, followed by nine more — the goal so ambitious it has never been accomplished again. What do we do with all the marvelous tech available today?