2019 books

This year

... discovered academic publishers — MIT, Princeton, Cambridge, Wiley — and very strong material: Normal Accidents, Streetlights and Shadows, Cornered, Causal Reasoning in Physics

... expanded on practical software engineering: The Data Warehouse Toolkit, The Clean Coder, Production Ready Microservices

... looked deep inside myself: The Ego Tunnel, The Manual, The Meditations, On Having No Head

... learned to write a bit better: Dreyers's English, Zen in the Art of Writing

... followed powerful stories: life of Wernher Von Braun in Dr.Space, willpower in White Devil's Daughters, horrors of Night, great leap of Rocket Men, cheerfulness of Jackie Chan, neuroscience in Into the Grey Zone

... got some good life advises: Never Split a Difference, Getting Things Done, Made to Stick, 12 Rules for Life, Range

... touched variety other interesting topics: What We Cannot Know, Brief Answers to Big Questions, Spying on Whales, The Art of Invisibility, Empty Planet, Novascene

... and just enjoyed some good entertainment: We are legion, Exhalation, What If, Soonish

43 books, longest 460p, average 270p.

Almost all paperback. Almost all gifted to charity, library@coex and friends.