Let's look at serious scientific and high performance production grade software

UPD: 2020-06-08

  • SpaceX software in rockets is in C++
  • Tesla is likely to ruin C++ and Go (based on their github)

C++ is leading by a large margin. Its ecosystem is astonishing. Pretty much everything of significance has been written and maintained in C++. Bare in mind, other languages like Golang or Rust have been around for around 10 years, still main applications did not migrate to them. Even more, TensorFlow itself is not in Golang, even though they are both from Google and Tensorflow created 6 years later. It is true that Golang is having momentum in service development — things like networking, ORM, business logic — yet it is used in not much anything else.

Some languages was made by mistake (Javascript), some languages are too minimal (Golang), some are not scalable (Python). Maybe, then C++ has plenty of good besides performance? It has first class OOP, generics, operator overloading, standard library, gRPC and Apache Thirft, with RAII memory leaks are rare. Where I am going with this? If you are going to write high performance software likely it is going to be in C++.