Your project is not good, manager is an asshole, stock is going down, back started to pain again. Finally, you got the award you always wanted, promotion, recognition. Problems, plans, achievements — it's all you. Everything is circling around you. This is your world and you are the in the center. From day 1 and until the end, you are the lead of this story.

Yet, your are small. Your world is a succession of days. With the rising sun, your day begins. You are having a breath of fresh air on your way to work, thinking what you will say to your buddies, then talking to them, getting through the day, finishing the job, thinking of a dinner on the way back home, and, at last, going to rest, until another day begins. In reality though, sun did not go up, it has always been there, fixed. It is your world that is a just a viewpoint from a tiny spot on a spinning rock circling through a vacuum of space around a giant nuclear reactor.

WYSIATI. You are a 24/7 observer of your story. It is all that matters. And not even in years past or future, but right now. Most pressing questions are whether you are hungry or happy, now. At best, you plan for the next season or a couple of years ahead. Rarely, your reflect on distant past or future. That is just you, but there are many others with their own stories. There have been even more before you and will be evermore after. What you do now can't change stories who lived in the past. Likewise, it will be irrelevant to generations far in future. Biggest evils and saints will go to an oblivion and their names will vanish in archives. What could happen will happen, with or without you. And what does is it matter to you anyways what someone in the past of future thinks of you? You are but a spec of dust.

This does not mean you should not do cool staff. Please, do! Rather, next time immediate worries overwhelm you, hold on for a moment and think about the bigger picture.