In 2018 I reached 364km across 48 runs, year before that it was 200km. Why do I do that?

It is simple. It is a rare distraction-free time when you have space to collect your thoughts, reflect, plan, think. Quiet, slowly changing environment of a city and background chatter of people passing by has a soothing effect. Or, if you prefer, you can occupy yourself with something more relaxing. Narration in audio books has never been so vivid. Tunes in music have never sounded so well. Things happen all the time. With all the busyness, leave an hour a week for yourself.

If you run in a new place, it is also a good opportunity to connect to the place around you. What it is like in early morning or late night? Life is busy. When you grow up, apart of shopping or commute to work, there aren’t many reasons left to explore area where you live. Running gives you this occasion to see what the place is really like beyond your house or insides of a bus. It is refreshing, once in a while, to step-out and look around.